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Learn SDET from best Institutes in Nagercoil. SDET stands for "Software Development Engineer in Test", the name of a profession in some software companies, mainly responsible for building software tools to efficiently and reliably verify the quality of software shipped by their SDE counterparts. SDET is one of the critical roles in a company, if a company has to deliver great products, it needs to focus on hiring and developing a very good SDETs and a company needs to make sure that the SDET team is held responsible for any bugs in the software code. The SDET team needs to take responsibility for any code that goes into production.
The important topics which are learnt through this course are Developing new tests, In-Depth knowledge of the code, Excellent debugging skills, Writing Code, Enjoy breaking things, and Being a good consumer advocate. SDET is highly skilled resource with development as well as testing skills; on the other hand tester is involved in preparing and executing the test cases either manually or by automation. The testers are resources with limited programming skills and they are much focused on black box or functional testing whereas SDETs are skilled resources with good programming skills and do the job of tester (white box testing) as well as developer in test automation.
SDET being very proficient in software development, they can participate in test automation tool development and may make it for generic use. Testers are not expected to develop test automation tools, they may use these test automation tool to automate the test cases required for their software application or project. Often it is seen in an organization, tester or Quality Analyst who have developed the test automation framework are promoted to new role as SDET and can participate in review of design of software application or other test automation framework. The testing of an API is to be conducted then it cannot be done without writing any line of code. Therefore the test role here could be SDET. However if it is to test user interface or GUI which requires the black box testing and there is no need to write any line of code to test, this test role here could be STE (Software Test Engineer).
SDET are expected for more duties over general testing role like performance testing, security testing, automated generation of test data, test environment setup, developing test automation tool etc. Unlike manual testers, SDET are expected to have domain knowledge so that they can participate in designing the test cases. All duties of a tester are expected from SDET.. The below are list of institutes offeres best sdet training in Nagercoil. You will find training centers which offers sdet training with placement in Nagercoil. Leave your details to get the sdet course fee details from top 10 sdet training institutes in Nagercoil.
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